Alexandru Trifu was born on July 22, 1942 in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts « Nicolae Grigorescu » in Bucharest and gained some professional experience before moving in Switzerland in the 1980s, where he acquired both Romanian and Swiss nationality.

In Bucharest, he was a Master of Scientific Research at the Ethnography and Folklore institute. Then, he became a drawing teacher in several schools in Romania.

Present in museums…

As an artist, he was exhibited in various national museums in Romania: Cotroceni in Bucharest, Brukenthal in Sibiu and Galati, where around 400 artworks by Alexandru Trifu can be found.

His artworks can be found at the museum of Art and History of Geneva, in the service of « Fonds Précieux » (This museum mades up the Alexandru Trifu Fund), the « Musee des Beaux-Arts » in Lausanne, the Kunsthaus in Zurich, the library of the Kunstmuseum in Basel, and the Paul DINI Museum in Villefranche sur Saône in France.

Acceptance by the British Library of the new album photos and texts in three languages, Romanian, French and English “possible guide against the mad”,preface by Oskar Freysinger – writer, second DVD “Ancestral beliefs” and Praise of folly”, drawings and text A.Trifu, music Horatiu Radulescu and Costin Miereanu. Project proposed for the new Elysée Photography Museum, under construction, in Lausanne – Switzerland.

Present in best collections…

Alxandru Trifu’s artworks can be found in the contemporary art collections of the three famous Swiss banks: U.B.S., Banque Cantonale de Geneve (BCGE) and Crédit Suisse, as well as in the four private contemporary art collections of the most important in Switzerland: André l’Huilier and Bernard Sabrier, sponsors of the museum of modern and contemporary art in Geneva. As well as those of Suzanne and Selman Selvi, and Jacob and Jocelyne Naef, co-founders of the Paul DINI Museum in Villefranche sur Saône.

His work…

 Alexandru Trifu chose the Library of Geneva’s university to store his archives. Indeed, this library is classified as a UNESCO universal cultural heritage site, thanks to the fact that it has the original documents of Mr François-Marie Arouet, known as « Voltaire ».

His 84 original drawings from the book « Pleurer, Rire, Dire » as well as two lithographs he made at the International Center Of Lithograph (URDLA), can be found at the Swiss National Library. The french National Library has these same lithographs as well as his collection of 9 engravings (107x77cm) called « La chimère du paradis ». Three big engravings and three albums, at the Birtish Library.

« La chimère du paradis » is a series of engravings inspired by Hildegarde van Bingen which can also be found at the Museum of Art and History in Geneva and at the Swiss National Library.

An author…

In addition to his activity as an artist, he is also a writer. He is the author of several books: « Revolta – A fost odata ca niciodata – 1942-2014 » by Tracus Arte, and « Orient – Occident transcendance » by Alcor. Books published in Romania and currently held at the Romanian National Library, the Swiss and French National Library, the Library of the Geneva Museumof Art and History, the Geneva’s Library of Art and Archaeology, and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Library – Preussischer Gedicht.

His book, entitled « Putain de Vie – Curva de Viata » by Eikon Publishing in Bucharest, is available at the National Library of Romania, the Swiss National Library and the Library of the Museum of Art and History in Geneva. « Sos Romania si Unirea mitocanilor eruditi » is located at the Romanian National Library and the Cotroceni Presidential Library in Bucharest,« The praise of folly », Technomedia Sibiu Publishing.

He is also the author of the book « Pleurer, Rire, Dire » which was sponsored by the Hans Wildorf Foundation, and which is currently in the french and swiss national library, the university library in Geneva, the library Staatliche Musée zu Berlin – Preussischer Gedichte, the Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation, the library included in UNESCO’s universal cultural heritage.

« Eloge de la folie » is one of his last books, published in 2019, which tells his own vision of madness. This book is at the Romanian National Library.

A videographer…

 His DVD « Homo Ludens or the Myth of Sisyphus » as well as 20 large drawings measuring one metre fifty by two metres, were presented as a world premiere on Horatiu Radulescu music at the Sibiu European Cultural Capital event in 2007.

In Switzerland, he created two new DVDs, « Eloge de la folie » and « Croyances ancestrales ». These films are inspired by « Mircea Eliade » and feature twenty great drawings by Alexandru Trifu, accompanied by music created in synesthesia by two of the most important creators of contemporary music, Costin Miereanu and Horatiu Radulescu. These DVDs can be found at the French national library, the Library of the art and history museum of Geneva, the Library of the art and archeology museum of Geneva.

Mentioned in major books…

It is mentioned in several books and reference archives such as « Romanian Artists in the west » published by the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1987, under the direction of art critic Ionel Jianu. In the Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Draftsmen and Engravers « Grund Benezit » written by a group of specialist writers called « Tom 13 » in 1999. In the biographical dictionary of Swiss Art from the 15th century to today, and in the repertoire of Swiss artists 1980 – 1990.

It is listed in the dictionary of Romanian artists written by Octavian Barbosa in 1976 and published by « Les éditions méridianes ».


He did solo show and collective exhibitions in Swiss and France:


Zurich International Art Fair – with InkGallery


« Rathania’s – Ars Similis Casus » in Rath museum in Geneva


Exhibition of contemporary drawings in the space Nouveau Vallon – Geneva


« Wanted et l’être invisible » – Ruine Gallery Geneva


« The World Art Contest 2000 Fondation Européen Office » On the website of the european office foundation « 1001 Reason to love the earth » – Amsterdam, with the drawing « Because paradise is close to me, just in front of my window »


Centre d’Art en L’Ille, Geneva


Estampes – Villa du Jardin Alpin, Geneva


Voyage dans la vie d’artiste 1980 – 2000, Edouard Constantin Bank, Geneva

Artistes Suisse à URDLA – Centre International de l’Estampe, Villeurbanne, France

Musée Jenisch – Vevey – Suisse. Exhibition showed on many different scenes of the french television


Exhibition « Artistes Suisses à URDLA, France.

Divonne les Bains, Venelles (Aix en Provence), Ambérieu en Bugey, Mapra – Lyon , France.


Contemporary art center of Lacoux Hauteville, France, exhibition « Auto regards de 25 artistes suisses pour un état de la création contemporaine ».


Crédit Suisse Bank– Vésenaz

Art Program Gallery – Carouge, Geneva

International fair of Chambéry, France, médaille de bronze.


Dettinger Mayer gallery, Lyon, France.

Swiss artist present in the basel art fair – Swiss, with URDLA.

Contemporary art space of the university of Lausanne, Swiss

Grange de Dorigny – Lausanne, Swiss


Aval Gallery , Zürich , Suisse.

Ruine Gallery, Genève.


Constantin Brancusi Center – Québec – Canada


Art Forum Gallery, Geneva


Arts 1983 – Centre Audio – visuel, Paris, Exhibition of contemporary art


Salon d’Automne – Paris

Ablode Gallery, Geneva

1998 – 1999 – President of the Society of Painters, Sculptors and Architects of Switzerland (SPSAS of the canton of Geneva, currently Visarte) during this period he organized two big group exhibitions “Sketches” at the Halle de l’Ille, Geneva and “Hommo Ludens” to Europe Art.

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