Alexandru Trifu was born on July 22, 1942 in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts « Nicolae Grigorescu » (6 years) in Bucharest having several personal exhibitions. He was Master of scientific research at the Ethnography and Folklore institute in Bucharest -Romania- and teacher of drawing in several schools in Bucharest. He settled in Switzerland in the 1980s at the age of 38 with his doctor wife, where he acquired the Swiss nationality.

Alexandru Trifu was recently recognized by the Federal Department of the Interior of the Swiss National Library (NL) as a painter, designer, graphic designer and illustrator, but also as an author. Indeed, the books he has written (also those in Romanian language) have been registered by this service.

Present in museums:

  • Romanian National Art Museums: Cotroceni in Bucharest, Galati in Galati and Brukenthal in Sibiu, where he has 400 artworks.
  • Museum of Art and History of Geneva in the service of « Fonds Précieux », a museum which created the Alexandru Trifu Fund, the « Musee des Beaux-Arts » in Lausanne, the Kunsthaus in Zurich and the Paul DINI Museum in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France.

Present in important collections:

  • Contemporary Art collections of the three famous Swiss banks: UBS, Crédit Suisse (C.S.), Banque Cantonale de Geneve (BCGE).
  • Private art collections among the most important in French-speaking Switzerland: André l’Huilier and Bernard Sabrier, sponsors of the MAMCO (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) in Geneva.
  • Collections of Suzanne and Selman Selvi.
  • Collections of Jacob and Jocelyne Naef, co-founders of the Paul DINI Museum in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France.

Mentioned in important reference books in the art world:

  • Dictionary of Romanian Artists written by Octavian Barbosa -1976- Meridian Edition (Bucharest, Romania) « Romanian Artists in the West » published by the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences -1987- under the direction of the art critic Ionel Jianu.
  • Biographical Dictionary of Swiss Art, the first complete biography -from the 15th century to the present day- of Swiss art published by the Swiss Institute for the Study of Art: ISEA, SIKART
  • Dictionary of the painters, sculptors, designers and engravers -GRUND, BENEZIT- written by a group of art writers (volume 13, 1999).
  • Directory of Swiss artists (1980-1990).

Albums with his works and accompanying texts:

  1. EAST-WEST-TRANSCENDANCE, Alcor edition, Bucharest:
    • Comments of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer on the subject of joga-sutra, illustrated by 21 large drawings which are at the Art and History Museum of Geneva
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation, registered in the UNESCO World Heritage of Culture
    • Swiss National Library
    • National Library of France
    • Romanian National Library
    • Library of Art and Archaeology of Geneva
    • Library of the Staatliche Museum zu Berlin-Preussicher Gedicht
    • Deutsche National Bibliothek
    • British Library
  2. PLEURER, RIRE, DIRE, sponsored by the Hans Wildorf Foundation (Rolex):
    • Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Geneva (MAMCO)
    • University Library of Geneva
    • Museum of Art and History of Geneva
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation
    • National Library of France
    • Swiss National Library, where the 81 original drawings of the album can be found
  3. THE PRAISE OF FOLLY, edited by Technomedia – Sibiu, Romania- which tells his own vision of madness:
    • National Library of Romania
    • Museum of Art and History of Geneva
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation
    • British Library
  4. SMALL GUIDE AGAINST TARES, Alcor edition, Bucharest:
    • British Library
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation
    • Library of the Museum of Art and Archaeology of Geneva which has its 40 photos glued on cardboard canvas, on 20 plates drawn, plus the text that refer to the images, photos and drawings
    • National Library of Romania
  5. PUTAIN DE VIE, Eikon edition, Romania:
    • British Library
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation
    • Library of the Museum of Art and History of Geneva
    • National Library of Romania

Author of books with social content:

  1. REVOLTA, A FOST ODATA CA NICIODATA (The revolt, it was once like never) (1942-2014) edited by Tracus Arte, Bucharest, 428 pages:
    • National Library of Romania
    • Presidential Library of the Cotroceni district, Bucharest
  2. SOS ROMANIA SI UNIREA MITOCANILOR ERUDITI (SOS Romania and the Union of Erudite Nerves), edited by Technomedia, Sibiu, 190 pages:
    • National Library of Romania
    • Presidential Library of the Cotroceni district, Bucharest

This book is prefaced by the Swiss writer and politician Oskar Reysinger, producer of 4 DVDs, which contain his works illustrated in musical synergy by two great creators of contemporary music: Mr Costin Miereanu and Horatiu Radulescu, who appear in the musical Larousse.

Producer of 4 DVDs:

  1. AN IMAGINARY MUSEUM, with Costin Miereanu
  2. ANCESTRAL BELIEVES, inspired by Mircea Eliade, the great world-renowned specialist in the history of civilizations, music created by Horatiu Radulescu:
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation
    • National Library of France
    • Library of the Museum of Art and History of Geneva
    • Library of Art and Archaeology of Geneva
  3. HOMO LUDENS or THE MYTH OF SISYPH, Music by Horatiu Radulescu, DVD screened as a world premiere on the occasion of the event « Sibiu European Cultural Capital » in 2007.
  4. PRAISE OF FOLLY, Music by Constantin Miereanu:
    • Library of the Martin Bodmer Foundation


Engravings and Lithographies made at the Centre International de l’Estampe, URDLA (Villefranche sur Saône) and at the Centre Genevois de la Gravure, Geneva:

• National Library of France
• Swiss National Library
• British Library
• more than 81 original drawings from the album « Pleurer,Rire, Dire » at the Swiss National Library
• 21 large drawings from the album « Orient-Occident-Transcendance » at the Art and History National Museum in Geneva

His work is represented by more than 2500 works (paintings, drawings, engravings, watercolors, photos, illustrated poetry…). The works currently presented represent one year of creation.
Most of his archives are in the University Library of Geneva, a library classified in the universal heritage of UNESCO, thanks to the fact that it holds the original documents of Mr. François-Marie Arouet, known as Voltaire.

Alexandru Trifu is mentioned by:

• the OAC (Online Archives of California), Szeeman-Harald, artist files (1863), bulk (1957-2005), Getty Research Institute Special Collection
• WORLDCAT, World Library
• OI – Oxford Art Line

Recently, late 2021 and early 2022:

The Martin Bodmer Library accepted three of his author’s albums -unique and bibliophile-, drawings and texts; as well as the National Swiss Library who, in turn, accepted 11 large engravers made on Awagami Shirami paper, including three sets she bought.

Personal and collective exhibitions:

– 3 unique bibliophile albums, signed and numbered, 3 copies. One is at the University Library of Geneva, another at the Swiss National Library and the last at the Geneva Center for Engraving. Title – ANCESTRAL BELIEFS. New text and new drawings from the first album.

– ZURICH INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR – represented by InkGallery.
– Personal exhibition at InkGallery.

– RATHANIA’S – Ars Similis Casus, Rath Museum of Geneva.

– Group exhibition of contemporary drawing at the Espace Nouveau Vallon in Geneva.

– Personal exhibition « Wanted and the Invisible Era » at the RUINE gallery in Geneva.

– Personal exhibition at the Aval gallery in Zurich.
– Personal exhibition at the RUINE gallery in Geneva.

– Group exhibition of engravings at the Centre d’Art en l’Ille in Geneva.

– Group exhibition « Prints » at the Villa du Jardin Alpin in Geneva.

– Personal exhibition  « Voyage dans la vie d’artiste » (1980-200) at the Banque Edouard Constantin in Geneva.
– Group exhibition  « Swiss Artists at URDLA » –Centre International de l’Estampe– Villeurbanne, France.
– Collective exhibition of prints at the Yenisch Museum in Vevey, Switzerland.
– Exhibition presented on several scenes of French televisions.

– Collective exhibition  « Swiss Artists at URDLA », Villeurbanne, France.
– Collective exhibition in Divonne les Bains, Venelles (Aix en Provence), Ambérieu en Bugey, MAPRA – Lyon, France.

– Collective exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Art Lacoux Haute ville « Auto regards de 25 artistes suisses pour un état de la création contemporaine ».

– Personal exhibition at the Credit Suisse Bank in Vésenaz, Switzerland.
– Personal exhibition at the Art Program Gallery in Carouge, Geneva.
– Collective exhibition at the International Exhibition of Chambery, France (bronze medal).

– Personal exhibition at the Dettinger Mayer Gallery in Lyon, France.
– Among the Swiss artists presented at the Fair of Basel, Switzerland; by URDLA workshops.
– Personal exhibition at the Espace d’Art Contemporain of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
– Personal exhibition at the Grange de Dorigny, Lausanne, Switzerland.

– Group exhibition at the Brancusi Center, Quebec, Canada.

– Personal exhibition at the Art Forum Gallery in Geneva.

– Collective exhibition Arts 1983 at the Centre Audio -visuel, Paris; an exhibition reflecting various trends in contemporary art.

– Salon d’Automne, Paris, France.
– Personal exhibition at the Ablode Gallery in Geneva.
– Group exhibition « The World Art Contest 2000 European Foundation Office ». 1001 Reason to love the earth, Amsterdam; with the drawing « Because paradise is close to me, just in front of the window ».

Mister Trifu has also been a mural art restorer on several construction sites in Geneva and Lausanne for years.